12 Uplifting Quotes of the Week

 There's no talent here, this is hard work. McGregor
“There’s no talent here, this is hard work.” -McGregor”

 Trouble with most of us
“Trouble with most of us”

 Work hard everyday, everywhere...
“Work hard everyday, everywhere…”

How to be a genius ... from Albert Einstein
“How to be a genius …” -Albert Einstein

This is a great Will Smith quote...
This is a great Will Smith quote…

A Casey Neistat Quote
A Casey Neistat Quote

Adventure Time motivation
Adventure Time Motivation

Bruce Lee Wisdom
Bruce Lee Wisdom

Desire is a contract -Naval Ravikant [1920x1080]
“Desire is a contract” -Naval Ravikant

Existential Motivation
Existential Motivatio

I had to change... - Cheryl Strayed [600x411]
“I had to change…” – Cheryl Strayed

I'll show you politics in America... Bill Hicks 1993 [1366 x 768] OC
“I’ll show you politics in America…” -Bill Hicks 1993